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Gym Technik Updated with Facebook and Twitter Integration


Gym Technik has upgraded their app with Facebook and Twitter integration, which makes a lot of sense for a gym app. One of the most important elements of a good gym app is motivation and social networks help a lot in this regard. With social integration, it’s very obvious if you have missed a few days at the gym or you’re lagging behind. Gym Technik have a great community behind the app, and social network integration extends this further.
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RIM Soft Announces New BlackBerry Feature for Employee-Liable Devices


We have been talking a lot about employee-liable versus corporate-liable BlackBerrys for a long time here on BlackBerryCool. Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise summed it up best in this article about BES Express. The idea is that smartphones have become so prevalent that every organization needs to deal with devices on their network that haven’t been explicitly deemed “corporate safe”. These devices are called employee liable, as in the employee is liable for the device as it hasn’t been approved. There is no way to stop the shift towards employee liable devices, as employees are becoming much more aware of the smartphones they purchase, and being a player in the mobile industry requires you understand all platforms available.
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BlackBerry App World Diary: Lessons Learned from a Developer’s Perspective


To be able to join the BlackBerry Developers Challenge 2009 it was required to join App World – so I did last summer. I was honored that my application FileScout was chosen as one of the 16 finalists for Developer Challenge’s Sweet 16.

Being at the 2009 Developers Conference was a great pleasure. Meeting the App World Vendor support in person was one of my highlights. It’s always nice to meet the people with whom you are in contact with over email.

The first update of my FileScout application in App World had some issues and it was suggested to me at Dev Con that I should wait until RIM fixes some bugs with App World until I release my next update. This was back in November of 2009.

In March of 2010, I made FileScout a freemium application (free to try with paid features). In order to change to this model, the premium version of FileScout required registration codes. I waited an additional month to get any news from RIM concerning the App World enhancements that would help the update process, but even after 5 months since it was mentioned at Dev Con nothing had changed. I couldn’t wait any longer and on the 20th of April, 2010, I submitted the updated FileScout to App World.
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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of June 21st


Yet another week at BlackBerryCool and there are some cool apps, editorials and new clips you should definitely check out. The biggest news this week is probably the shutting down of the popular OS 6 theme by WJD Designs. It’s an interesting news bit because it’s the first we have heard of RIM actively going out and shutting down a theme in a third party sales channel, because it might confuse customers. Would RIM have done this for OS 5 themes? Probably not. The fact that OS 6 is UI and navigation focused, as well as the fact that it isn’t clear what devices it’s being rolled out to, makes this theme particularly sensitive with RIM. Click through after the jump to read more.
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App World 2.0 Press Event Takeaways: Consumer Focus is Paramount


The App World 2.0 press event was special for BlackBerry but it also reinforced how App World was still behind relative to the competition. The most important upgrades offered were long overdue such as credit card account-based billing. The BlackBerry ID account system will make it easier than ever to buy content, and it seemed to hint at greater media channel opportunities down the line to every BlackBerry user on the planet.

What pleased me about the App World 2.0 demonstration was the fluidity and finesse of the navigation. The BlackBerry Messenger-like layout translates into a simple amount of menu options and easy browsing of long lists in the way that BlackBerry pioneered: scrolling down. The new storefront is quickly populated by apps and info by way of improved cashing of App World data. Category switching from side to side makes a lot of sense and I can’t wait until they introduce more categories like gaming.
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Huddle Online Collaboration Suite with Free BlackBerry App


Huddle is a collaboration tool that looks a little like BaseCamp. It features discussion boards, project management, document sharing, wikis, and conferencing. Huddle have recently announced a free BlackBerry app that gives you access to this collaboration suite with read-only permissions. The only caveat with this application is that Huddle are pretty aggressive with their email notifications and will constantly ask you to invite friends to their service.

The free Huddle app is available OTA at and the company will be releasing the premium version in App World shortly.

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