Game Review: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for BlackBerry


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for BlackBerry is an adversarial puzzle game based on a popular coin-op arcade game. The game was developed by Capcom Mobile and it’s available on BlackBerry via Bplay.

In Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, you play heads up against an AI Puzzle Fighter character. The object of the game is to arrange falling gems by color in order to make larger rectangular gems. When detonated by a Crash Gem of similar color, every connected piece will explode sending counter gems to the opponent’s stack. Counter Gems count down every time a block is placed on the stack and then transform into a regular gem when the counter hits zero. The larger the gems you detonate, the bigger the drop of paralyzing counter gems on the opponents stack. It’s therefore important to mind the colors and build big in order to cripple your opponent.

The keyboard controls are pretty standard as far as a falling block game on the BlackBerry goes. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo uses the keys on the keyboard, centered around the number 5. What’s strange is that the developers at Capcom Mobile didn’t take advantage of the trackball or trackpad. Holding the letter and number keys is no picnic while playing a high-pressure puzzle game and the trackball would have helped.

SPF II Turbo’s gameplay is well-tuned and filled with drama. Sometimes sending out a big early attack will turn into an even bigger attack by your opponent. Timing is of the essence because there is no way to win other than forcing your opponent to lose. The adversarial puzzle format is ideal for the mobile platform. There is generally plenty of screen real estate to go around for such a simple playing field: a pit that can fit gems six across and 12 high (13 on the sides). Your actual field of play takes up 10% of the screen size on my BlackBerry Bold 9000. Capcom could have used graphics twice the size and still fit it all in. It seems like they were using assets from a tiny-screened feature phone to build this game.

Apart from my beef about ignoring the trackball/trackpad and what the game could have been if It were built specifically for my phone, I found it a lot of fun. The game is worth it for any puzzle game fan. Players of the original SPF2T Coin-op machine will not be disappointed by the mobile version as it captures the same spirit and nostalgia as the original.

I give Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for BlackBerry 3.5 starts out of a possible 5.

  • zororiver

    didn't look so exciting. But i should give it a try. thanks for sharing!

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