Queen Elizabeth II Wraps Up RIM Tour with Personalized Bold 9700


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are concluding a nine day tour of Canada which took them to Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto and RIM’s headquarters in Waterloo Ontario. Following her tour of Canada’s high tech hub with co-founder Mike Lazaridis, the Queen was presented with her own personalized, white, BlackBerry Bold 9700. The Bold 9700 came preloaded with a wallpaper of children from Queen Elizabeth Public School in Kitchener offering flowers. It’s rumored that the Queen isn’t a stranger to these devices, but Palace officials wouldn’t confirm whether a Royal BlackBerry already exists.

As the Queen was guided around RIM’s assembly floor, which is specially designed to guard against electrostatic shocks, the Queen and company wore white jackets like all the employees at the facility. According to RIM, this was the first time the media had been allowed on the RIM work floor. The whole experience was very reminiscent of back in 1878 when Queen Victoria met Alexander Graham Bell and tried his new invention: the telephone.

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  • RashiElm

    I wonder what the Queen uses the phone for…. i can't imagine her answering her own emails although it would be mighty impressive if she did – I'd love to get an email from the Queen “sent from her BlackBerry”…

  • Huangdi

    Wonder how pissed off she'll be when she realizes she can't upgrade to OS6. Maybe she will send Lazaridis and Co. to be executed in the Tower of London.

  • Bob

    Is she “Queenie_Liz” on twitter?

  • http://www.corporatesnobs.com items promotional

    I don't think Queen Elizabeth will bother learning all those complicated stuff anymore. With her age she just rather call and answer calls nothing else, with those touch sensitive screens and tiny keypad it'll be hard for her to text and message .