RIM Working with Ford to Integrate BlackBerry Devices and Ford Sync


Ford Sync is a factory-installed, in-car communications and entertainment system developed by Ford and Microsoft. It is based on the Microsoft Auto platform. The technology is currently being updated with some features that directly involve Research in Motion. Ford Sync has a text message readback feature that allows customers to hear text messages without having to take their eyes off the road. In addition to this service, Ford is has integrated the latest Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) into SYNC for all MyFord Touch-equipped vehicles. The MAP standard outlines a set of features and procedures used to exchange email, SMS, and MMS messages between devices. With MAP technology, even more phones will work with SYNC to read aloud incoming texts.

In addition, Research In Motion is already working with Ford to implement MAP on BlackBerry smartphones and enable SYNC audible text messaging capability across their product line, in an effort to foster industry-wide adoption.

Recently, we reported about the Ford Fiesta’s ability to read tweets in-car and this seems to be part of a wider initiative to integrate cars and BlackBerrys.