BlackBerry Tablet to Feature 7″ Touchscreen and Video Conferencing


According to Ashok Kumar, an analyst and managing director at Rodman & Renshaw, the upcoming BlackBerry tablet will feature a 7 inch touchscreen and will be powered by a processor from Marvell as well as front and back facing cameras. “Research In Motion is trying to pull forward the launch of the 7-inch touchscreen tablet from early next year to year end…with a marginal point of differentiation being the front- and back-facing cameras for videoconferencing,” he said in a research note Friday morning.

One possible chip candidate is the Marvell 1GHz Armada 610 processor, which is aimed at tablets, mobile Internet devices, and e-readers. The chip boasts full HD 1080p playback, 16-megapixel image captures, and advanced 3D graphics.

A front facing camera would be great on a tablet and could seriously help it differentiate from the iPad. It would be great to see some BlackBerrys also ship with front facing cameras, allowing the devices to speak to each other in video conference mode.

  • StreetMeatSteve

    RIM's very own Palm Foleo. Just… what… 3 years later?

  • snowman

    I guess this allows you to multitask since you can work on 2 devices that are insync with each other.

  • Joshua Davis

    RIM is a joke. Motorola is launching a 1.5 GHz processor in Auguest and a 2GHz processor by the end of the year. RIM is boasting about a 1 GHz by “early next year to year end.” And what kind of time frame is that? So pretty much they're saying, “sometime next year, but we're really not sure.”

    So what kind of battery power will it have? A 1080p with 16 MP video camera will consume power. Is the OS still going to be JAVA-based? Please, how many “future-focused” developers still see JAVA being a substantial player in mobile development. My development company, along with many others I know, no longer offer Blackberry development. Besides, their OS consistency and GUI rendering throughout each device is horendous. The consumer - even B2B professionals - want easier, quicker functionality. We don't want to write a differnt version of an app for every single device (not to mention having to download a new emulator for every device).

    RIM is losing market share and shareholders. Please just put them out of their misery.

    Honestly, I think I'd rather stick to my Netbook and just download the Kindle app if I want an eReader.

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