Socket Mobile Cordless Hand Scanner for Healthcare with BlackBerry App


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Socket Mobile has announced the Socket Bluetooth Cordless hand Scanner (CHS) Series 7 with BlackBerry support including the Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm and Tour devices. The CHS Series 7 is available in 2D and 1D scanning options with either standard or antimicrobial casing, which protects the device against the multiplication and spread of harmful bacteria and microbes and is a popular choice in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Socket provides a free SocketScan app, which enables the CHS to connect to any BlackBerry via Bluetooth, allowing easy integration by an IT team or individual users.

RIM will be demonstrating the CHS and Blackberry live at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center in booth #1305, July 12-16, and at the Syclo Mobile Conference in downtown Chicago at the Swissôtel Chicago, July 14-16.

In the video demo, the app doesn’t seem to provide any incredible features other than logging the numeric version of the barcode. It seems an application such as this would need to come with an inventory tracking system that could integrate with or replace current systems. Nonetheless, it’s good to see more adoption of smartphones in healthcare.

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