15 Free BlackBerry Apps: BatteryWatch, DataBackup, RestartMe and More

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S4BB let us know that they have over 15 apps that are free and worth checking out. The apps range from games such as BlackHole, to utilities for your device such as BatteryWatch. Hit after the jump for a list of these must-try free BlackBerry apps.

AppInfoRevealed -AppInfoRevealed allows you to get information about any application installed on your BlackBerry.

BatteryWatch - Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry devices battery state.

BlackHole - A little fun game where you need to navigate at least half of the shown objects into a black hole.

DailyQuote - DailyQuote satisfies you with new Quotes every time you open it.

DataBackup - It is now very easy to backup the personal data on your BlackBerry to the SD Card.

DoneIn2Minutes - This is the ultimate GTD timing tool for processing your tasks!As every task that takes longer than 2 minutes should be deferred, every task that takes less or about 2 minutes should be done right at the moment.

FreeBooks - Unlimited free ebooks for your BlackBerry.

HSBC HK Business Banking Launcher - By clicking the icon the HSBC Hong Kong Commercial Banking mobile portal will be loaded in your BlackBerry browser.

JajahCalls - JajahCalls integrates JAJAH functionality with your BlackBerry and allows you to make cheap and even free calls.

MorseMe - Now you can morse any text using your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld’s backlight.

PinInfo - PinInfo is a neat tool to give you quick and easy access to your BlackBerry PIN!

RandomPasswordGenerator - The RandomPasswordGenerator creates highly secure passwords that can be used for any sort of password based login.

RestartMe - This is the most easiest way to restart your BlackBerry! Restarts the device easily with just a click of a button!

ShowEventLog - This brings up the BlackBerry’s internal event log so you can easily see what is going on with your device.

Uptime - Uptime gives you an overview of the startup and the current uptime of your BlackBerry.

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