Prince William County Residents’ Data Lost After BlackBerry Stolen


total chaos after blackberry stolen

We have heard this story before - a public servant is walking around with a BlackBerry that isn’t password protected and they lose the device along with sensitive data. This has happened again, this time in Prince William County, where a public servant lost a device containing private information on almost 700 residents including addresses and Social Security numbers.

According to the executive director for county community services, “it should have been better secured with the use of a password,” he said. “We didn’t do what should have been done.” Not only that, but you would think a government BlackBerry would have an IT admin who would force a password on the device. Also, as soon as the device was found to be missing, the data could be wiped and hopefully stopping someone from taking it before it’s too late.

It’s not clear whether the device was stolen with the intent of taking the personal information, or whether the thief was simply looking to steal a BlackBerry and resell it. This is exactly the sort of situation that BlackBerry Protect will be able to address for individuals.