RIM Tried Buying Palm for Patents Alongside Apple, Nokia and Google


There is a rumor that RIM tried to purchase Palm alongside Apple, Nokia, Google and of course HP. HP eventually won the deal for $1.2 billion. According to the SF Gate, RIM basically had the deal in its hands and “had to work incredibly hard to blow it,” says their source. source recalls. RIM initially came in higher than HP, but HP upped its bid, our source says.

While Palm may have had some patents that would be beneficial to RIM, the idea of acquiring the company for the WebOS or integrating the WebOS on a BlackBerry seems highly unlikely. WebOS lacks the security that is fundamental to RIM’s business, although from a consumer perspective it may be cool.

In terms of improving on the OS, it’s better to look at the QNX acquisition. QNX is a company based in Ottawa (BlackBerryCool.com HQ) and there are several people close to the company who say the acquisition has little to do with automotive integration, and more to do with developing a next-generation OS. Remember, QNX’s core business is “middleware, development tools, realtime operating system software and services for superior embedded design.” Lets hope that they can help RIM develop an OS that puts many of the developer and consumer frustrations to rest.

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