Steve Jobs Claims BlackBerry Bold 9700 Has Antenna Issues


Steve Jobs press event

At Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference today, Steve Jobs tried to deflect criticism from the iPhone’s antenna issues by saying that other devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9700, have antenna issues and that these devices will drop from 5 bars to 1.

From a purely anecdotal standpoint, I have no idea what Jobs is talking about. Any time my Bold 9700 has dropped in signal strength, it has been very obvious why. If I’m in a basement, or away from a cell tower, the reception drops naturally, but I have never experienced anything like the iPhone 4’s “Death Grip”.

This seems like a totally unsubstantiated attack on RIM and it would be great to see RIM’s engineers respond. Have you ever experienced a Death Grip issue on a Bold 9700? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Matthew14214

    Just another arrogant speech from our pal Steve. I think Apple is just an a arrogant self centered company to start with and Job's image suits this company and all it's fan boys as well.

  • Shareef6

    If apple is going to justify the problem dont start bringing in other handset makers like RIM to justify it…stick with you own products…shit….a iphone3 & 4 comparison would of been just fine, no other cell phone degrades in call quality like the 4g, if it was then im sure people who bought them would of been making just as big a fuss…now as MUCH AS I LOVE RIM if BLACKBERRY 6.0 IS NOT OFF THE CHAIN TO THE MAX….im JUMPING SHIP..sorry its 2010 im not waiting 10 whole min for my damn storm 2 to boot up!..go!

  • HeLLkAt31

    F@k No! I have never dropped a call on my bad ass 9700 when im holding the phone like a decent human being. Apple is a money hungry corporation intended to steal peoples money with a well polished lemon. They should change their logo from an apple to a lemon. Psssssh…

  • Filmoetonyc

    Hes right! I bought the BB tour from sprint last year and it didn't get any reception, so I took it back and went back to my curve. I just replaced my curve with the bold and it has the same problem. If I lay down and talk on the phone get no reception at any place I lay down at! Its crazy!

  • Rhea

    What a crock, before this press conference, the Bold dropping callwas practically unheard of.

  • D_easlick

    Ok.. The iphone (all previous generations) are ground breaking, and if not for them we wouldnt have some of the advances we so with our Blackberrys. I dont feel they are “lemons”…. with that said…. Steve Jobs is a deuch and is trying to make all the iphone users still feel atop the food chain! I love my 9530 storm…. Its my 3 one because of problems I have had with the previous ones, but they were NEVER signal issues. The other ones just froze alot! As you would expect with a generation 1 product, not Gen 4 like the new iphone… and RIM never would take this stance towards Apple if they were the ones with the issue!! Which is why ill never own an iphone. :)

  • Gerard

    We have a lot of dropped calls with the bold 9700. We are in one of the best covered 3G regions of Europe. The Netherlands and our provider is KPN. We experienced the same issues with the bold 9000. Since the introduction of Blackberry we have the problem Call Failed, I think it is related and it might be an antenna issue. But we don't know if it is the antenna from KPN or the Blackberry. On both sides we don't have a real progress on this issue.

  • jkw

    I have been a blackberry user for years now, I have only dropped one call on it that I can remember at all… and I was going down in an elevator… I get excellent reception everywhere here… granted in areas away from cell towers I have less bars… but I can hold my phone however I like and there is no issue…

    Leave it to Apple to try confuse their “fan base” by throwing out how other peoples products suck too… especially when anyone with intellegence can see that the ship is sinking and they are pulling at strings.

    I would have more respect if he jsut recalled it and said… “hey we messed up” and then FIXED IT. Instead of standing around griping about why it went wrong.

  • Etolefe

    I have major problems with my reception on the BB bold 9700. I have the device exchanged three times over the last 6 months and the issue persists.

  • Dlew

    Apple has doctored this video for these three smart phones, I've had two of these phones and this never happened! Steve Jobs you are full of shit! Idiot

  • Jasim Khalil

    BLACKBERRY is one of the most awesome smart phone and i have been using blackberry from a very long time but yes their are some issues of storm series but all blackberry are perfect know for their voice quality and performance.
    APPLE iphone is also a revolutionary maker in touch screen phones but its not the right thing to ignore our own mistake by pointing out others.

  • Kathrada

    hi, I just purchased a Blackberry Bold 9700 and am having serious loss of signal issues when I hold the phone or when it is in my pocket and out of the holder.

  • boldylocks

    I tried doing this and my 9700 only dropped to 4 bars. Came right back to 5 within a split second.

  • Simon

    my 9700 drops out all the time, drops from full signal to zero and the battery life when i’m travelling is extremely poor.

  • kaz

    Just bought my 9700. Previously using Curve 8520. Yes, its right, 9700 reception is bad. Always drop especially for receiving/sending email. But no much problem for sms or calls. Never encounter this problem with Curve.

  • Tulatuns

    i have signal problem with my blackberry and then.

  • Unibob Mail

    i have a 9700 and at home its crap

  • tuns

    he is right….am having a reception problem with my blackberry 9700.

  • Lowlevel

    I have a 9000, and the signal bars ping pong between 0 and 5 for no apparent reason all the time. I’m trying to get the phone replaced, but no luck so far.

  • Tjdvlp

    Blackberry Bold 9650 (Verizon) definitely has signal issues. Do a google search for “Blackberry Bold dropped calls.” You’ll find plenty of buzz about dropped calls–on both blackberry and Verizon user forums–but neither Blackberry or Verizon sees it as a “known issue”. After five replacement phones, and the oodles of time invested in troubleshooting, repersonalizing phones etc., Verizon replaced, for free, with a Droid Pro. The result? Zero dropped calls. Am I satisfied? Nope. There is nothing, and I mean nothing like a traditional Blackberry keyboard. Droid missed the boat on this and so does Apple. If you’ve used one, and you know what it can do, you know what I’m talking about. If Droid, Apple, or even Blackberry could marry the BB Keyboard with the Android or Apple software it would be magic. So far it’s one or the other.

  • Flatlander

    I agree with the assertion that the Blackberry 9700 has antennae issues (regardless of who’s making the assertion).  I have very definitely experienced this myself.   And I can duplicate it at will.  So far, I have not been able to pinpoint exactly which spot(s) that cause the problem, but I haven’t tried too hard.   

    This has been a very frustrating problem for me with the 9700.  This phone has a VERY fussy antennae.

  • Steve Jobs

    My 9700 drops calls like a hot potato!!

  • Annonymous

    Uh, 9700 with complete signal loss.  I guess Steve knew a thing or two…

  • PTan

    I have the same problem with the bold 9700. Since I’ve had the phone, I’ve had major issues with signal strength throughout Sydney central regions. When I put my SIM card into a different phone, my old Curve 8900 I dont have an issue with signal strenght. It’s seems to be a hardware issue. I wish there was a solution.

  • Bill

    on my second 9700 – living in Chicago.  I drop from 5 to 1 bar, then lose call, several times a day.  very frustrating phone due to losing some many calls.