Facebook Theme Lets You Customize Your Homescreen Like Your Profile

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Facebook is an incredibly popular app for BlackBerry because it’s a first party app and it’s a social network that just surpassed half a billion users. The Facebook Berry theme lets you build your homescreen just like your Facebook page. To do so, all you have to do is run the theme and change the following:

Wallpaper = Avatar (change wallpaper in media settings)
Owner Name = Facebook Name (change in Options > Owner)
Information = Status (change in Options > Owner)

For the changes to take place, you have to switch themes, and then switch back to the Facebook Berry theme. It’s a little awkward but it’s still fun to build your Facebook homescreen. The icons used in this theme look great as well. Hopefully RIM will continue to develop themes such that they can take advantage of Facebook APIs and allow them to pull this data from the Facebook app or website.

The Facebook Berry theme is currently on sale for $3.99.

  • Stephen Robinson
    Wait so you can access everything from your home screen including updating your status? I'd love one that used twitter
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