Mobholic Updated with More BlackBerry Usage Tracking Features

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Mobholic is a fun app that lets you track your BlackBerry usage. The app has recently been updated with new features for tracking your stats, as well as a host of bug fixes. This app is turning out nicely and since the developers are students, it’s always good to support the community.

New features include:

  • New website with 3D charts.
  • Charts accessible also from the mobile app
  • Ranking per Email Sending/ Receiving / Deleting
  • Ranking per words typed in your Email.
  • Ranking per distance traveled with your BlackBerry (if mobile phone supports GPS)
  • Top Movers in the last 24 hours ranking.

Mobholic is available in App World for $2.99. While buying the application some might still fall on the old version of Mobholic due to an App World bug that is still not fixed since December. Email the developers support line and they’ll give you the updated version with proof of purchase.

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