More BlackBerry OS 6 Media Features Showcased by RIM #BB6iscoming


BlackBerry 6 is coming, at least that’s what the Twitter hashtag #BB6iscoming tells us. Recently, RIM showcased some of the media features in BlackBerry 6 including music album art discovery, photos, podcasting, YouTube integration and new sync services. It looks like BlackBerry 6 has a lot of the features requested by users and the navigation looks really tight. Follow the jump for more information and screenshots, and stay tuned because more BlackBerry 6 info is on the way.

Music Album Art and Discovery

The music experience looks a lot better in BlackBerry 6. According to RIM, they’ve added album art virtually everywhere for instant and easy recognition of your favorite albums. They also have a cover flow carousel to allow you to swipe through album art (a feature that was previously reserved for a third party app). The new media player will also allow users to find other selections from the same album/artist by selecting the album or artist name for the song currently playing.

Organize Your Photos

BlackBerry 6 will also feature new ways to organize your photos - a much needed upgrade from the current photo browser. Photos can be grouped by event or by date. You will be able to view the full picture or a slide show of pictures with transitions. If you have a touchscreen BlackBerry, you will be able to pinch zoom any of the pictures on your device as well. With a new radio box selection tool, you can select groups of photos to copy, delete or share. Overall, this looks like a much easier photo browsing system.

Streaming, Sharing and Searching for Videos

Searching for videos, or any file on your device has never been that easy. With BlackBerry 6, you get a thumbnail view - another feature currently implemented with a third party app. BlackBerry 6 will let you play video in various sizes (Original, Fit to Screen, Full Screen), plus instantly share your videos with the world using the new integrated YouTube video uploader. Universal search with BlackBerry 6 will also let you search Internet video sites such as YouTube, and to enjoy higher quality YouTube videos when using WiFi.

New Camera Controls and Supported Scene Modes

The camera on a BlackBerry is pretty decent but it could use some work. With BlackBerry 6, users can capture even better pictures with new onscreen controls and the ability to access and review camera pictures, set popular options and pick from a variety of scene modes, all directly from the camera screen.

New Podcasts App!

We have seen screenshots of the upcoming podacst app before, and if you’re a Beta Zone member, you’ve probably tried an early beta version of the app. In BlackBerry 6, there’s a new podcasts service that gives users the ability to search, subscribe and play audio and video podcasts from their BlackBerry. This service will be preloaded with BlackBerry 6 in North America and is completely mobile (so no PC required) – and all of the content is available for free.

BlackBerry Desktop Software and Media Sync

While talking about the music and photo sync, RIM failed to mention whether or not it requires a USB connection. We’re hoping that the ability to sync playlists, as well as the ability to sync by individual artists or genres, will not require a physical connection. We’ve heard rumors that this will all be done OTA, but the official post from RIM did not confirm.

Anyone else want BlackBerry 6 for their device right now?

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