Awesome Video of BlackBerry 6 Setup On a 9800 Torch Slider


The setup process for a BlackBerry is generally boring slow. On the other hand, the setup process for a BlackBerry running 6 looks really fun and smooth. The intro video is very impressive and walks you through the basic features of BlackBerry 6. The video starts off by showing you how to move the menu and use the basic touchscreen features. No longer do you have to relearn how to type an ‘@’ symbol, and instead the video shows you some fun functionality. Thanks RIM!

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  • Stephen Parker

    Have they made it clear yet what devices are getting the OS 6 update? Or is it only on newer devices?

  • Caspan

    Awesome that's all I can say… pure anemone!

    Wait no it's not all i can say. RIM you have made my heart grow fonder :)

  • crhayes

    Apparently Verizon cancelled testing OS6 on the Storm 2 because the performance wasn't good enough. The Storm 2 has 256MB of ram, suggesting that any devices running OS6 will need more than this.

    This is really the only news out there; nothing official has been announced.

  • Matt Cameron

    Wow, amazing transitions. It's like upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 7.