Game Review: Snake for BlackBerry by AppliCod


Snake is one of the first computer games and the first mobile game ever. There are dozens of variants on a lot of early computer platforms. I remember playing Nibbles on Basic; it was awesome! Snake for BlackBerry is developed by AppliCod.

People are often reminded of the similarities between the Tron Lightcycle game and Snake. Snake’s tail-avoiding gameplay seemed to be the inspiration behind the versus play of Tron Lightcycles.

In the game you control a snake that grows longer as it eats dots. Dots appear on-screen one at a time and you have to eat them in order to get points. Each dot you eat grows your snake by a dot’s size. Eventually, avoiding your own snake becomes its own challenge because crashing into your own snake tail or a wall causes you to lose one of your lives.

Snake for BlackBerry comes with 3 different play modes. No matter which snake you started with, there will be a gametype in Snake for BlackBerry that will make you feel nostalgic. The art is very retro and feels like a good homage to the snakes of the past.

Classic Snake

In Classic, there are no walls and if you go off-screen, you will emerge from the opposite side. The only risk is crashing into your own tail but even still; it’ll take great coiling technique to survive when your snake gets really long.

Walls Snake

The Walls gametype is similar to classic except you can’t pass through the sides of the screen. You will hit a wall and you will lose a life.

Levels Snake

In Levels, there are walls on the edges and on the playing field too. After eating ten dots you’ll advance a level. Crashing into your own tail isn’t too much of a risk here but the walls can get pretty tricky as the levels advance and you’ll need great precision in order to eat a dot that against a wall or harder yet, when a dot appears in a tight corner. This version is most like Nokia’s Snake: the first ever mobile game.

I give Snake for BlackBerry 3.5 stars out of a possible 5. It would have been interesting to see a modernized version with high-res art, like an HD remix that a lot of classic titles are being graced with on Xbox Live Arcade. I would have given Snake a 4.5 stars if they had an online leaderboard. Competing against yourself is only fun for so long while competing against others is basically fun forever.

Buy Snake for BlackBerry for $2.99

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