Xtreme Labs Releases Antenna Meter App for BlackBerry

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Antennagate has been a public relations nightmare for Apple and in an attempt to deflect the pressure, Steve Jobs claimed the Bold 9700 has antenna issues as well. Xtreme Labs let us know that that they have made an app that might prove or disprove the claim. The Antenna Meter application auto-samples your BlackBerry’s antenna signal strength once every second. The app lets you experiment with different ‘death grips’ and submit your results if you noticed an increase or decrease in antenna reception.

Features include:

  • Numerical representation of signal strength in dBm
  • Visual representation of signal strength showing signal bars
  • Poll users to see what their experience was

Download the app OTA from this link http://bit.ly/bPehjx.

  • Jzacuto

    It fails to ask whether the difference was negative or positive. When I hold my Storm2, the signal goes UP.

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