Rumor: BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Coming to Vodafone



The BlackBerry Torch Slider is potentially coming to Vodafone in the September/October timeframe. We have heard that 9800 will be coming to Rogers, Sprint and AT&T as well. Release dates aren’t confirmed yet but the Torch Slider is probably going to touch down on AT&T first, with a rumored launch date of August 15th.

The Torch Slider is going to be the first device to have BlackBerry 6 and the new Webkit browser. The latest OS is going to address a lot of the user frustrations with navigation and the Webkit browser will make BlackBerry’s web browser on par with the rest of the market.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Sprint implies a different radio set for CDMA…

  • Khazm2k

    …. and Bell Mobility :D
    . By the way!

  • Allisa Alloju

    This device is on of the smart one.

  • G507043

    Not on par, Acid tests indicate the BB browser is much better than either iPhone or Android

  • bb-4321

    i want it i am tired of hearing about it. damn all the exclusivity put it out there asap

  • aaron

    the torch browser used 1/3 of the data that android and iphone uses