BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 Leaked Online!


blackberry desktop manger 6

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 was recently announced in the Beta Zone but a lot of users in the forums were saying that they had not received their invite. A leaked version of the software is now available so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you don’t have to wait for an invite from RIM.

In order to install Desktop Manager, scroll to the bottom of the folder after you have unRAR’d and ran the setup.exe file. When you first run the file, it may seem like it has frozen at the load screen but it hasn’t. Just let it do its thing for as long as it takes and you should be good to go.

Grab the download files from:



  • Lorenz

    SYNCS OFFICE 2010! Finally!


    Enjoy my leak :)

  • Allendf

    Having issues applying changes to applications through BBDT6. Applications pending removal, but 'Apply' button inactive.

  • Allendf

    Nevermind, solved the issue. What a great new interface!

  • Georgeberry

    Not working in Windows 7 32bits. The welcome screen appears the application crashes giving a OS windows message.
    Windows 7 Professional 32 bits
    Visual C++ 2008 redistribuible SP1
    Office 2010 (with Outlook 2007 since desktop manager 5 didn't sync)

    Hope somebody may give clues…

  • Crush29830

    can you post the link

  • Jason

    Why? What benefit is there?

  • Jason

    Why? What benefit is there in installing this? Besides a new GUI, what's shiny and new and better?

  • Stevenhermsen

    Can't download them?….

  • Alessandro Martins

    Georgeberry, I have the same problem…

  • Evilmonkeygod

    Having the same issue. How did you resolve it? The help section only states to check the Blackberry enterprise server, which I don't utilize.

  • Brendan

    Same here. What a nightmare I have wasted my time to try and figure again and again.