More BlackBerry Security Concerns in the United Arab Emirates


It’s interesting to see the sort of issues RIM comes across as its product finds itself in various countries around the world. Arab countries in particular have some pretty strict concerns about security and recently, government officials have commented saying that BlackBerrys operate “beyond the jurisdiction” of national laws because they immediately send data abroad to be “managed by a foreign, commercial organization.”

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority voiced fears that the BlackBerry manages data in a way that could allow it to be misused. “As a result of how Blackberry data is managed and stored, in their current form, certain Blackberry applications allow people to misuse the service, causing serious social, judicial and national security repercussions,” the regulator said in a statement carried on the state news agency late Sunday.

Not too long ago, BlackBerrys in the UAE were infected with spyware installed in an OS update. The software was confirmed as spyware and RIM instructed users how they can remove it. It seems RIM is going to have to come up with some way to quell concerns of the BlackBerry network not being secure enough for Arab regions in order to continue their expansion globally.

  • Germdoc1

    No, this isn't an Issue of BB security. Rather it is an issue of BB being too secure for the likes of certain regimes in the Arab World. Thus BB needn't prove anything to anyone. They merely need the intestinal fortitude to not cave in to these governments' desires for access to customer data.

  • Guest

    I think you have completely misread this. This is not about the Blackberry Network not being secure. This is about these countries finding it to be TOO secure. They want to be able to monitor the messages their countrymen can send.

    That's why the UAE set up that spyware and the Indian Government wanted a backdoor.

    I think investors have misread this as well. Instead of thinking of this as a negative they need to see this in a positive light. It's interesting that they have not complained about this for any other platform.

  • Johnny

    Being over secured with BB is not good enough for the people of UAE for the BlackBerry's could misuse it. Why not ask for majority who wants BlackBerry to manage data. If the majority agrees then its the time to pursue their plans.


  • Johnny

    I don't agree that the BlacBerry should be the one who will manage data and messages in UAE for they could allow to misuse it. Why not let people in the position votes for it. If they got the majority then its the time for them to allow BlacBerry to manage messages and data for their security.


  • Bobbyb

    There are now many blackberry spy apps available much more sophisticated than that UAE telecom app like mobilezenith trackwary pro. It doesn't just track emails but blackberry messenger, google talk chats, sms/mms, all pictures, videos, gps and tons more.

    RIMs stock has been tanking on this security concern announcement and it should be soaring. Everyone is complain the product is too secure and government officials have to resort to apps like these. Jeez if there was an announcement that windows was too secure you expect MS stock to drop.

    Guess the real issue is they want access to the data but want nobody else able to access it.