UberTwitter Beta 8 Now Available with Unique Twitter Features


UberTwitter Beta 8 is now available for download and it has some cool features that are very unique to BlackBerry Twitter clients. One particularly cool feature, is the ability to mute Twitter users so that you can continue to follow them, but their tweets will not show up in your timeline. This is a great new feature because it allows you to maintain the courtesy of following a user, without having to actually read their messages. You can have this feature expire as well, so you only have the user muted for ‘x’ number of days.

Another cool feature in UberTwitter Beta 8 is the ability to add and remove items from what’s called the “UberBar”. The UberBar has the basic Twitter navigation including @ replies, direct messages and the timeline. You can add trending topics, searches as well as users to your UberBar in order to better manage your timeline and users. Overall, it’s features like these that are going to get users to change over from their current Twitter app of choice. Users probably aren’t married to any one Twitter client and as long as companies are continually innovating, the users will come.

To download UberTwitter Beta 8, head over to http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php.

  • Joolie

    This version completely drains my 9650 battery by 7-8pm. I have all the location settings off, the refresh set to 1 hour, and nothing helps. I now make sure I Exit out of it when I'm not using it.

  • http://twitter.com/marybethlowell marybethlowell

    creative features - wonder why no one else has thought of them before

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