More Pics of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with Non-Touchscreen OS 6


The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is out again and it’s good to see a non-touchscreen BlackBerry running 6. The About screen in these pictures shows the device running OS and platform The Application Storage section shows 306.1MB of free space which is nothing spectacular. It’s sort of lame to know that even devices that are only now showing themselves in the wild are still running what seems to be a bare-minimum amount of memory. A couple more pics after the jump.

  • endlessike

    I guess if they're barebones on the features (300mb of app storage) they better be barebones on the price.

    I don't want to have to commit to a 2 year deal when the hardware is basically still years behind the competition.

  • gort999

    Where else can I go for a great Smartphone? I am morally opposed to iPhone and Android, as well as not liking how the phones do things. My Blackberry Curve 8330 has been my faithful, wonderful companion for over a year. Yes, the iPhone and Android run APPS, and my curve can't play games and is very slow displaying webpages. I tried to install OS 5 on my Curve and found it an undesirable experience (probably because of the memory requirements) and went back to 4.5 - a more satisfying experience. I ran the slick apps on an Android and found I have a computer for that! If I want to play a game I go on my computer. If I want to watch a movie I go to my PSP or computer or DVD/TV for that - not on a phone. However I do read books on my Curve. Barnes and Noble and Kobo readers work great to read books. But, the primary purpose of a PHONE is to be a PHONE. In this area both Android and iPhone fail - they are not good phones. You may watch movies for about 10 minutes on a Droid X or Droid Incredible before the battery expires. But my Blackberry hardly ever missed a call. I dont have to cut up a song for a ringtone. However, on Verizon I get charged 9.95 a month more for the Personal Blackberry service (which I do not ever use!) and 44.95 for the BIS Blackberry Server Service - which I will NEVER use. Thats the only down side. Themes I love are on my Blackberry. Books I love to read on my Blackberry. I could use a faster CPU and more memory and my next Blackberry phone will have these as well as OS 6 which looks great to me. I like having necessary apps already installed in the OS rather than add external apps. OS 6 looks like it has it all. I am excited to stay with Blackberry and looking forward to new phones with more POWER. UGH UGH UGH as Tim the Toolman would say!!!

  • pattste

    Pretty lame is right. Why can't they put 1Gb of memory on these things? How much more expensive would it be? This is the exact reason why people who bought a BlackBerry in the last few months are pissed that OS6 may not run on their (relatively new) device. The company launches devices that have the bare minimum specs required to run the software, so as soon as they release updated software, we need to buy a new device.

  • Jon7tbcv3

    SWEET!!! This model uses the T-mobile USA's 3G frequency band 4.

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