BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Announced on August 3rd?


It looks like the BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 will be announced on August 3rd due to an invite that’s going around to all the tech and BlackBerry related media. The invite prominently features an AT&T logo, BlackBerry 6 icons and a giant ’6′ in the background. We’ve heard rumors that the device is going to launch in August, and when the 9700 launched, BlackBerryCool was at an event in New York of an almost identical nature.

We’re really hoping this is going to be the launch of the device and we’ll have some incredible content for you. Rest assured we’ll show you the inside and out of this device so you get a full picture of what BlackBerry 6 and the touch slider is all about.

  • Blah

    I think the wait might just be worth it…

    if its out… im getting it… sick of my 9000

  • Captain Longshanks

    Too little too late. Most of the people attending will have to remember to put their Android and iPhones on vibrate! Hahaha.

  • BM

    I'll have switched my Storm to the iPhone 4 by then. It's just to bad that the blackberry is so far behind when it comes to consumer “toys”. As someone who is not worried about the security blackberry can offer, I see no value in staying here any longer.

  • @RayEStark

    i feel sorry for people who are just switching to at&t because they WILL be getting a 2gig data plan and thats just terrible! I would not love my phone if it wasnt unlimited… sorry..

  • 41west

    You're a moron. Quick little statistic for you… 98% of smartphone users on AT&T's network use less than 2 GB of data per month. So don't feel sorry for all those millions of people who don't use 2 GB and get to save $5 on their bill. I'm sure they're doing just fine. You're paying more for an unlimited plan that you don't even use. I feel sorry for YOU.

  • Scuzzlebutt

    Well… the iPhone users won't need the vibrate function since they don't get any reception as it is! Hey Apple!…great games and great apps but how about letting us make some phone calls!

  • Smith1124

    somewhat rude to call a person a moron.