MissingLight 2.0 Custom LED Notifications With Lower Price Point


UPDATE: It’s worth noting that you can only customize the missed call and charging light colors, not phone/email/SMS/whatever alerts. This app concentrates more on adding functionality with LED notifications.

MissingLight is a custom LED alert app that has recently been updated to version 2.0. The app is similar to BerryBuzz in that you can customize the LED colors based on certain applications in order to have your BlackBerry communicate with you better. BerryBuzz seems to offer more in terms of features and functionality, but the price point is set a little higher. For those looking for particular features at a lower price, MissingLight could prove to be a good alternative.

MissingLight features include:

  • Custom missed call light: makes the LED blink (purple by default) if you miss a call.
  • Custom charging light: makes the LED blink (yellow by default) when the battery is charging. This lets you know when your phone is fully charged (LED stops blinking).
  • Force backlight on: prevents the screen backlight from auto-dimming for a preset time. Use this when you want your screen to be visible for longer than the 3 minute maximum timeout.
  • Reset LED: turns the blinking LED off if some runaway alert won’t stop blinking by itself.

The LED colors for the missed call and charging lights are now customizable.

Check out MissingLight in the BlackBerryCool store.

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    Great review on this program. Thanks a lot for sharing this one. I think I might check this out and see if this will do great for my work. Thanks a lot.