Black Monoliths Appear in AT&T Stores with 9800 Possibilities


black monoliths

The year is 2010 and black monoliths are appearing in AT&T stores in anticipation for the launch of the 9800. The first time black monoliths appeared were in the prehistoric times when they were discovered by a group of hominids and it somehow triggered a shift in evolution, teaching humans how to use tools. Nobody is really sure who built these monoliths, and the alien species who built them is only hypothesized by the rest of humanity.

Now that these monoliths are appearing in AT&T stores, we can only guess our computers are going to go haywire and try and kill us all. It’s anyone’s guess what’s underneath the monolith: an iPhone 4, Anroid device or possibly the 9800. Our fingers are crossed for a BlackBerry Torch.

  • Caspan

    Careful Chuck Norris is hiding in each one….

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