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MissingLight 2.0 Custom LED Notifications With Lower Price Point


missinglight app blackberry

UPDATE: It’s worth noting that you can only customize the missed call and charging light colors, not phone/email/SMS/whatever alerts. This app concentrates more on adding functionality with LED notifications.

MissingLight is a custom LED alert app that has recently been updated to version 2.0. The app is similar to BerryBuzz in that you can customize the LED colors based on certain applications in order to have your BlackBerry communicate with you better. BerryBuzz seems to offer more in terms of features and functionality, but the price point is set a little higher. For those looking for particular features at a lower price, MissingLight could prove to be a good alternative.

MissingLight features include:

  • Custom missed call light: makes the LED blink (purple by default) if you miss a call.
  • Custom charging light: makes the LED blink (yellow by default) when the battery is charging. This lets you know when your phone is fully charged (LED stops blinking).
  • Force backlight on: prevents the screen backlight from auto-dimming for a preset time. Use this when you want your screen to be visible for longer than the 3 minute maximum timeout.
  • Reset LED: turns the blinking LED off if some runaway alert won’t stop blinking by itself.

The LED colors for the missed call and charging lights are now customizable.

Check out MissingLight in the BlackBerryCool store.

Sokoban-Style Puzzle Game Warehouse Keeper for BlackBerry


Warehouse Keeper

S4BB has just released a new game for BlackBerry called Warehouse Keeper. The game is based on the classic puzzle game Sokoban where you have to push blocks around a map into particular spaces strategically without hitting 2 blocks together and getting stuck. Warehouse Keeper has a unique look to it and it’s available in both a full paid version and a lite trial version of the first 5 levels.

Check out the full and lite versions of Warehouse Keeper in our store.

BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Announced on August 3rd?


blackberry new york event

It looks like the BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 will be announced on August 3rd due to an invite that’s going around to all the tech and BlackBerry related media. The invite prominently features an AT&T logo, BlackBerry 6 icons and a giant ’6′ in the background. We’ve heard rumors that the device is going to launch in August, and when the 9700 launched, BlackBerryCool was at an event in New York of an almost identical nature.

We’re really hoping this is going to be the launch of the device and we’ll have some incredible content for you. Rest assured we’ll show you the inside and out of this device so you get a full picture of what BlackBerry 6 and the touch slider is all about.

Antennagate Utility Measures Radio Signal and ‘Death Grip’ Scenarios


Antennagate utility

Last week we wrote about a signal measuring app from Xtreme Labs that was launched in response to the claims made by Apple that the Bold 9700 and other smartphones have antenna issues. has launched its BlackBerry radio monitoring utility called Antennagate, which has some great features to help you get a better picture of your radio’s status. Antennagate produces a chart that refreshes over a specified time interval so you have a visual representation of what is going on with your radio signal.

Features of the Antennagate app include:

  • Track antenna signal over time
  • Carrier antenna signal
  • WiFi antenna signal
  • Customizable refresh interval
  • Customizable display options
  • Screenshots
  • Use to find best reception indoors
  • Use to test “Death Grip”

Check out the Antennagate app by in our store.

More Pics of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with Non-Touchscreen OS 6


blackberry bold 9780 homescreen

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is out again and it’s good to see a non-touchscreen BlackBerry running 6. The About screen in these pictures shows the device running OS and platform The Application Storage section shows 306.1MB of free space which is nothing spectacular. It’s sort of lame to know that even devices that are only now showing themselves in the wild are still running what seems to be a bare-minimum amount of memory. A couple more pics after the jump.
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Damaka Announces Unified Collaboration and Communication Product Suite for BlackBerry


Damaka BlackBerry

Damaka has announced it’s launching its mobile Unified Collaboration and Communication platform on BlackBerry. The platform seeks to allow users to collaborate across a variety of applications regardless of their platform or network. Damaka’s services are available in both Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and traditional client-server architectures.

Features of Damaka on BlackBerry include:

  • Application/Desktop sharing:
    1. Editing Capability
      Zooming Feature
      Multi-party Capable
  • Presence
  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio Conference participation
  • Sweeping – Device Handoff

Since more organizations are allowing multiple smartphones on a network, collaboration tools that are device independent are becoming increasingly important. More information about Damaka’s offerings available from their site.