BlackBerry Services Disconnected in UAE as of October


blackberry uae

We recently reported that the UAE has been making claims that BlackBerry poses a security risk, as the data sent from a BlackBerry leaves the country to be processed by RIM’s NOC. As of October, the UAE will be disconnecting BlackBerry services until a “solution” can be found. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority director Mohamed al-Ghanim says “With no solution available and in the public interest … Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry E-mail and Blackberry Web-browsing services will be suspended until an acceptable solution can be developed and applied”.

This trend may continue throughout several more Arab countries that are known to keep a close eye on their citizens. Saudie Arabia is said to be next in line to cancel services.

  • Amy

    This will be a big mistake if this goes forward..Business travelers relying on BB service being blocked from there business services while in area..this wont go as far as people think…