QuickLaunch 3.0 Now Available for Storm with Lots of New Features


quicklaunch with storm support

QuickLaunch will go down in the BlackBerry app Hall of Fame for being one of the most useful applications to have on your device.

The app creates shortcuts to almost any application on your device, giving you quick and easy access. Set QuickLaunch to one of the convenience keys on your BlackBerry and create shortcuts for all your favorite applications. It’s very simple.

QuickLaunch 3.0 is now available for Storm devices and there are a ton of new features including:

  • Alternate Launch Methods - Some apps were not able to be launched previously. These new options (available when adding a 3rd party app) should allow some of these apps to be launched now.
  • Border Size option - You can now specify the border size of the menu to be the default size or ‘Minimum’ which is a thin border around the menu.
  • Background Color - In addition to being able to set images for the menu background you can now specify a color.
  • Background Transparency - Set the transparency level of the menu background when a color is specified. Using a background image will override this setting.
  • Opera Mini Support - Option to launch websites using the Opera Mini browser (note: this feature only works if opera mini was started using this function or launched from QL originally. Starting opera mini by using it’s icon will cause this feature to not work)
  • Bolt browser support coming in a future update.
  • Screen Capture in System Menu
  • Option to put the screen capture function in the system menu
  • Scheduled Reboot - In addition to the reboot on demand feature you can now set a specific time of day to automatically reboot your device
  • Options Subpage Shortcut - Ability to set a shortcut to any page in the BB Options menu such as ‘Themes’ or ‘Mobile Network’

There are many more features in version 3.0 that you can see on Nikkisoft’s page.

Grab the latest version of QuickLaunch from the store.