BlackBerry App World Warns Developers to Change Device Support Details


The App World team has sent out a notice to developers that the 9800 “BlackBerry Torch” is now listed under Supported Devices in the Vendor Portal and is automatically included as part of the ‘Supports All Devices’ option. The problem with this is that all developers who have selected this option must now change the status of their application if it doesn’t support the 9800. Here are the steps RIM recommends:

  • If you selected ‘Supports All Devices’ for a given application, please confirm that the submitted release does in fact work on the 9800. We will begin vetting these applications on the 9800 immediately and will require all tests to pass for the application to remain in App World.
  • If you did not select ‘Supports All Devices’ but your application supports the 9800, please add it to the appropriate bundle or create a new Release to support it. The 9800 will be running an OS version of 6.0 and should be taken into consideration when configuring your file bundles.
  • If your application is not supported by the 9800, please update the information on the Vendor Portal and only select devices that your application supports.

RIM also released an interesting note about the touchscreen interface for the device and how developers need to accommodate for it:

  • Touch screen and trackpad: Touch screen does not utilize SurePress™ – to accommodate in-market apps supporting SurePress, a TouchEvent.DOWN event will also generate TouchEvent.CLICK and TouchEvent.UNCLICK events. So what would’ve previously been a DOWN / UP sequence on previous BlackBerry smartphones supporting touch now results in a DOWN / CLICK / UNCLICK / UP sequence, where the CLICK and UNCLICK events are generated following the DOWN event.

The simulators are also available for the 9800 so be sure to check them out as well.

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