BlackBerry Torch Coming to Wal-Mart


wal-mart blackberry torch

There are no details on pricing or an exact launch date but the Wal-Mart website lists the device as “Coming Soon!” with an August 2010 date. We know the device launches on AT&T on August 12th so Wal-Mart will surely have it available right around then. Wal-Mart has been known to offer some really sweet deals on BlackBerrys so hopefully this will be the place to get it cheap. Stay tuned and register for updates so you know as soon as it’s launched.

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  • Dschneider799

    Again BlackBerry ignores the multitudes of CDMA loyal customers so it can go head to head with Apple over at AT&T. I really don't like any android phone I have seen nor do I like the OS. I have been a Mac fan ever since the first one was produced but I would not have an iPhone either. Mostly because I consider it fine for entertainment but not a serious business tool and secondly because of its restriction to AT&T. As loyal as I am because I consider my BB a serious business tool I may have to consider an android phone if I am staying CDMA because RIM seems to take the newest and best that it has and spoon feeds that product to AT&T and the GSM community and CDMA gets the left overs.