BlackBerry Torch Launch Event: User Interface and OS 6 Details

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Here is a video recap of the AT&T BlackBerry Torch press event in New York. There were a lot of major news outlets there for their smartphone sound byte. Almost every East Coast tech blogger that I had ever seen at a BlackBerry event were in attendance. The clickity-clack of 50 Macintosh-armed bloggers hummed through the tight set list of speakers who spoke with pride about what their teams had envisioned and accomplished in order to make this happen.

The tech demo booths where full of (physically) tethered BlackBerry Torch devices for people to try. In the displays there was a very limited selection of accessory and hardened case offerings. The devices were filled with a bare bones amount of fake information so you could see some notifications and calendar events. All the 1st party software was loaded along with an uninspired media collection. People swiped around the new BlackBerry 6 UI while chatting about the new stuff, mostly the surprisingly enjoyable mobile web browsing.

Stay tuned for our BlackBerry Torch Review.

  • Acds

    The video is missing…

  • Caspan

    Nice video Matt, Thanks for uploading this

  • mburfeind - TeleNav

    i really like seeing what other companies are doing for launch events. the torch seems pretty cool too…

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