Bplay Races to Market with BlackBerry Torch Content

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Currently, App World on the Torch lists 241 Games and 30 themes. While it’s very possible that the number of games is correct, you have to wonder about the numbers if there are 30 themes listed. Just as with any new BlackBerry launch, theme builder is lagging behind and there aren’t any themes available just yet for this device. What’s happening is that theme developers and probably a lot of game developers, are simply listing their app/theme as “available for all devices” and haven’t updated their listing to exclude the Torch. What’s for certain though, is that Bplay currently hosts a great deal of games that are ported to play nicely on the Torch and are available the day you pick up your device. Sadly, no themes are available but considering the smoothness of BlackBerry 6, users probably aren’t scrambling for themes the way they do with other devices.

Check out Bplay’s BlackBerry Torch content by selecting the Torch as your device.

  • Dave Marsden

    That's the difference with BPlay - the content there is built for the handset you own. It's not crappy repurposed content that you find elsewhere.

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