Preview of BlackBerry Torch Accessories Exclusively from AT&T


AG Findings has let us know that they have four new protective accessories for the BlackBerry Torch called the Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell, Premium Leather Pouch, Endo GRT and Endo GRT with holster.

The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell costs $34.99 and is built such that your device is protected but can slide in and out as it was designed to do. The rails use something they call Glide-Tech Resin to ensure smooth operation and prevent scratching when inserting and removing the shell. The GRT Shell also allows complete access to all ports and controls, and includes two interchangeable fronts: Smoked Chrome and Metallic Blue.

The Premium Leather Pouch features magnets that put your device to sleep, just like the conventional holsters. The Torch does not come with a holster like all the other BlackBerry models did, so this might be a good case to pick up. The Premium Leather Pouch costs $39.99.

The Endo GRT features an internal skeleton to provide support and protection for the Blackberry Torch, and is available in purple for $29.99.

The Endo GRT with Holster offers the exact same design elements as the Endo GRT but also features a holster. The Endo GRT with Holster is available in black for $34.99.

These accessories will all be available when the Torch launches on AT&T August 12th and will be available in retail stores. Some of the cases will launch a little later than others, but all will be exclusive through AT&T. You can also pick up the cases online from AT&T at