RIM Outlines 4 Main Principles of Lawful Access to BlackBerry Data


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RIM has made an official announcement to customers saying it is cooperating with the Indian government as well as other governments during the recent string of complaints regarding access to information. RIM has said that it is cooperating with these governments “in the spirit of supporting legal and national security requirements, while also preserving the lawful needs of citizens and corporations.”

Following this statement, RIM has outlined four main principles that governments must follow if they are to work with RIM on access to private data:

  • The capabilities are limited to the strict context of lawful access and national security requirements as governed by the country’s judicial oversight and rules of law.
  • The same access must be provided by RIM’s competitors and other similar communications technology companies.
  • There can be no changes to the security architecture for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which is the middleware part of RIM’s wireless platform. The same architecture is used by RIM around the world and the company claimed it doesn’t have the ability to provide its customers encryption keys.
  • And RIM must be able to maintain a consistent global standard for lawful access requirements that do not include special deals for specific countries.

More information available from the official customer update from RIM.

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