RIM Sponsors BBM Lounge Party in LA with Lots of Tiger Hat Pics


You never want to encounter a tiger in the dark after midnight - they’re almost always drunk.

The event organizers for “The BBM Lounge” party in LA sponsored by BlackBerry (RIM) sent us some photos from the event. The party was organized by nightlife company Xomad and most of the pics are of people with a tiger hat on. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party, but there’s something a little contrived about a zany tiger hat going around to help people get loose.

Hit the jump for some really funny party pics.

The Tiger Hat Pics

Why would anyone want to have a martini on their BBM list? I’m pretty sure their English is terrible.

Tigers look most like humans when they’re saying “OMG”.

Tigers can camouflage in the most blonde of environments.

If you spot a zebra-striped tiger, consider yourself lucky, they’re a rare breed of hipster tiger.

Even if a tiger has a really hot body, don’t just reach out and grab it, they’re tigers and really dangerous.

Tigers are incredibly perceptive. They know if a camera is looking at them and will always return a glare.

Now the tiger hat is red; that’s even zanier.

We’re not sure who exactly is who in the pictures but here is the guest list they sent over:

  • Mel B, Spice Girls/DWTS
  • Mark Salling, Puck from Glee
  • Quinton Aaron, The Blind Side
  • Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor
  • The Alchemist, hip hop producer and DJ to Eminem
  • Gabe Saporta, lead vocalist of Cobra Starship
  • Olivia Munn, Maxim model and actress (Iron Man 2; Date Night)
  • Alessandra Torresani, television actress (CSI; Bones)
  • Lauren C. Mayhew, singer and actress (ECW on SyFy; CSI: Miami)

She started hitting on him so he had to break her the truth and whisper in her ear “I love Mo”

You can find more photos from the event on Flickr.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Wow looks like a douche bag party!

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    HAHAHA this was a funny weird in the morning

  • Mark

    HAHAHA this was a funny read in the morning!

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    LMAO!! The Douche a la Cats.

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    Not a single BB in any of the photos. What Joke!