BlackBerry 6 Theme 6Black by Temas with 20 Free Copies


Temas has a new BlackBerry 6 theme available and this one has all the BlackBerry 6 icons including 10 that are configurable. This 6 theme doesn’t have any of the navigation options that will come with the real BlackBerry 6, but if you’re looking for all the icons this is a good option. This theme is available for the 8900, 9000, 9600 and 9700.

The 6Black theme is available for a reasonable $5 and the first 20 readers to follow the link will get it free with the coupon code 6BCOOL. Now if only we can get the real BlackBerry 6 for our devices.

  • Gilmer Janzen

    Yes looks amazing…hope I can get a free copy!

  • Jmcperd

    I need a free copy

  • Anthony Roberto

    Nice theme! I'd like to have this.

  • Philly38

    must have new theme…

  • BK

    Yes Please!

  • BB_Afficionado


  • BB_Afficionado

    This is waaaay cooler than a flux capacitor!

  • Adawdawdawdaw


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