BlackBerry Bold 9780 Training Slides Leaked and Show Specs

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[Images removed upon request by RIM legal]

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 (BlackBerry R020) is the refresh of the Bold 9700 and recently leaked training slides show us all the official specs. There isn’t anything amazing here, mostly just upgraded memory (512MB), a better camera (5MP with flash), and of course BlackBerry 6. The training slides also show some demographic info about BlackBerry users as well as how some of RIM’s products fit in their roadmap.

  • Silver Fang

    Looks cool. Too bad it's GSM only. Where's the CDMA love, RIM?

  • Caspan

    What does “High Capacity also usable for applications” mean? on the microsd card

  • Guest

    CDMA is on its way out the door anyways

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