Developers: Create Compelling UI Features with BlackBerry Widgets


progress bars

We recently wrote about examples of Widgets in App World and a support forums post regarding some of the UI features that can be accomplished with Widgets was called to our attention. Using CSS and HTML, it looks like Widgets can be tailored to look a lot like a native BlackBerry app but with less effort than it usually takes using the Java Development Environment. Hit after the jump to see some examples of UI elements made with the Widgets SDK, tested on OS

List Examples

widget list example

With Widgets, you can create a variety of list styles such as a bullet list, Facebook style list, BBM style list etc.

Input Layouts

widget spinner example

There are a lot of different ways you can create input methods using Widgets including the above spinner. There are also some very clean-looking on/off and yes/no buttons that can be accomplished with Widgets.


chart example

With Widgets, you can create dynamic charts using Google’s chart API.

Progress Bars and Gauges

progress bars

Widget progress bars are pretty easy to accomplish with Widgets. These progress bars are updated on a setTimeout() to ensure that the JavaScript thread ends and the UI can be updated.

For tips on how to make a fast user interface, check out this link in the support forums.

You can also find this zip file containing UI examples from the support forums post.

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