QNX Rumored to be Developing Software for BlackBerry Tablet aka BlackPad

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blackberry tablet mockup

Details and rumors are trickling out about the BlackBerry tablet aka the BlackPad. The latest of rumors is that the software the device will be running is developed by QNX Software Systems, the company recently acquired by RIM for $200M. QNX has a lot of experience making integrated systems that run in your car, home as well as business sectors such as industrial and medical fields.

It would be really interesting to see RIM’s tablet entering the enterprise market with its gold standard security and a cool new software system. Someone close to RIM has recently said that the BlackPad is designed to capitalize on RIM’s strength with corporate customers, particularly with email. The tablet will be closely integrated with the BlackBerry’s email system and will have similar security for messaging, the person said.

While the BlackPad will not have any radio connectivity, it will feature Bluetooth and WiFi and piggyback on the BlackBerry’s connectivity. With Wifi,

Rather than use a larger version of BlackBerry 6, it’s said that RIM chose QNX because BlackBerry 6 includes legacy software code from older BlackBerry phones.

What do you think, would you buy a BlackPad or do you need more details?

[Mockup from Simon at IntoMobile]

  • http://twitter.com/doubledown_11 doubledown_11

    Does this mean future blackberries (or existing ones, via a software update) will be able to create a wifi hotspot?

  • Tank

    I like the BlackPad rendering with 2 left hands. Apparently the BlackPad will be marketed to mutants. haha

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