Video of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Running BlackBerry 6 and WebKit Browser


YouTube Link

There were rumors going around for some time that the Bold 9700 would not be getting BlackBerry 6, which may have stemmed from the fact that the Bold 9780 rumors were floating around making things a little confusing. The most recent video of the Bold 9700 running BlackBerry 6 shows what it’s like using the device with the latest WebKit browser. Apparently, BlackBerry 6 runs faster on the Bold 9700 than it does on the Torch, which is actually a little disappointing. The Torch does tend to show a little lag with BlackBerry 6, especially when transitioning between homescreen tabs. In any case, it’s interesting to see the WebKit browser being used without the pinch to zoom functionality.

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  • wobly

    Ok. This just makes me want it even more on my 9700!

  • Corey

    ok this guy is such a complainer!! jesus dude we get it! it doesn’t have a touch screen BFD!! does it really change anything?? also its a BB does it really need a touch screen? I love my BB 9700!! i just wish T-mobile would move their @** and send the update out already i have been waiting since the begining of August for it!!