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Google Acquires Canadian Smartphone Gaming Company SocialDeck


SocialDeck is Google’s latest acquisition and it’s very relevant for the BlackBerry world. SocialDeck is a company located in Waterloo, close to a Google regional office but close to RIM’s headquarters. Back in early 2009, SocialDeck received $250k in funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, who are probably very happy about their investment.
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Hootsuite Releases Screenshots of Upcoming BlackBerry App


Hootsuite is an app that was meant for BlackBerry and RIM should take a cue from their ability to manage multiple accounts at once. One of the coolest features of BlackBerry 6 is the ability to get an aggregate feed (Social Feeds) of Facebook, Twitter and RSS, but the problem is that the native clients don’t support some of the basic functionality of these social networks. With Twitter for BlackBerry, you can’t use multiple accounts and with Facebook for BlackBerry, you can’t manage pages. With Hootsuite for web, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, which according to the screenshot on the far right, Hootsuite for BlackBerry will be able to as well.

Sign up for the Hootsuite Beta here.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Pictured in White with BlackBerry 6


The Bold 9780 is up there with the Curve 3G as one of the most boring BlackBerrys to write about. There isn’t much to say about this device other than it comes with BlackBerry 6 and apparently it will come in white, along with a host of other devices we’ve seen in white as well.

It’s interesting how white has become the go-to color for turning a BlackBerry into a “custom” device, which allows the carrier to sell it for a little bit more. There is something about the color (sorry, “shade”) white and a BlackBerry that go well together. Maybe it’s white and all gadgets that go well together.

Rumor: BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Coming to Wind Mobile for $300


The newest Canadian carrier, WIND Mobile, may be getting the Pearl 3G 9100 in stock in a couple of days. The Pearl 3G might be sold for $300 with a $20 rebate. Considering the Bold 9700 is sold for $430 after a $20 rebate, this seems like a pretty good deal. The 9100 and the 9700 share a lot of the same internal specs, except the 9700 has a bigger screen and the 9100 supports the WiFi ‘n’ spectrum. We’ll soon see if these rumors are true.

Ban Avoided as RIM Proposes “Lawful Access” to BlackBerry Email in India


blackberry in india

The Indian Government withdrew the threat to ban BlackBerry services for 60 days after RIM sent a proposal to give security officials “lawful access” to encrypted data. The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has demanded real time access to encrypted emails and IM communications and said it will take the next 60 days to review the proposal from RIM.

This news raises a couple of big questions:

1) What did RIM propose?
2) What is “lawful access”?
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Rogers Introduces Zoompass Mobile Payment Solutions


When we last wrote about Zoompass, they had partnered with Telus and Bell to provide users with a means of sending payments to one another from their device. Considering the last two partnerships happened back in March, the launch on Rogers took a little longer than expected. Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, so this Rogers announcement nearly completes the rollout plan and from now on we’ll hopefully see some cool updates. Even though the announcement was sent out, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a preload of the Zoompass App.
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