Nielsen: BlackBerry Users Download an Average of 14 Applications


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Nielsen recently conducted a survey of 4,000 mobile subscribers to determine how many apps they have on their device. Overall, users have an average of 27 apps installed on their phone, up from 22 in December 2009. The average number of apps downloaded per smartphone are as follows:

iPhone: 40
Android: 25
BlackBerry: 14

A BlackBerry really starts to lose some performance once you exceed around 20 apps and it’s no wonder the average is 14. Another interesting tidbit from the Nielsen study is that games and weather apps are the most popular across all devices, with navigation apps quickly gaining popularity. Social networking is also very popular with Facebook being a top-ranked app across all platforms. Twitter is only in the top 5 apps for BlackBerry and YouTube doesn’t make the top for either BlackBerry or iPhone.

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  • Matthias Marquardt

    Could this not also mean, that the BlackBerry OS is already quite complete so that there is not such a high need for additional 3’rd party apps that need to be installed to become some sort of productive?