GiveMeYourJad Helps Keep Your BlackBerry Apps Managed on Desktop


givemeyourjad homescreen french

GiveMeYourJad is a cool piece of donationware that is meant for BlackBerry users who want to manage their applications on their desktop. The software is easy to use: just put the JAD url in the proper field, click the Go button and the application is downloaded (JAD, COD and JAR files) to your computer. Once downloaded, the software creates an ALX file which allows you to launch Desktop Manager and load the app to your BlackBerry. Other features include:

  • A proxy if you need one to access to internet.
  • Creates a directory where you want all your apps downloaded to.
  • Bilingual (English and french).

This software was created by a French developer who says he created it because he doesn’t have data access with his BlackBerry and he wanted an easy way to download and manage his BlackBerry apps.

Check out GiveMeYourJad free from this link.

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