Verizon Deploys Open Source Database Perst Lite for Field Technicians with BlackBerrys

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verizon and mcobject

Verizon has recently deployed the Perst Lite object-oriented, open source embedded database system from McObject in BlackBerry software for service and repair technicians. The application will eventually be rolled out for use by thousands of Verizon personnel. The company has said that they have sold up to 5,000 licenses of Perst Lite to Verizon, which is a great deal for any organization.

McObject developed Perst Lite as an efficient, object-oriented, database management system for Java. Perst Lite features:

  • Transactions
  • Built-in text search
  • Support for multiple underlying storage modes
  • Support for multiple database indexes

The open source Perst Lite is available for free download.

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