Microsoft Celebrates Windows Phone 7 with Tacky Parade and Funeral for Competition


microsoft funeral for competition

Apparently Microsoft is set to spend $500 million in marketing to promote the upcoming Windows Phone 7, but if this parade is any indication of how they’re going to spend it, you have to wonder where the money is going. The above picture is a great example of how little they spent on this event. It looks like everyone was asked to put together their own costume, which meant most people just grabbed a couple of kooky wigs or something around the house. They also couldn’t take the time to even make a decent banner, opting for some gravestone clipart, ugly font, tacky colors, and to top it all off, it’s duct taped to the U-Haul rental.

Who organized this event? An elementary school?

Also, try to watch this Thriller rendition without cringing.

[Phot via Trioculus]

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  • bluvg

    Cornball, sure. But this was an internal-only event to celebrate shipping, not a marketing event for the world to see. Thank goodness our company’s internal events are kept to ourselves (not that the world is interested anyway).

  • Xax

    Read and analyze and report to us. Just don’t satisfy yourself by something write about other platforms all the time. But anyway, it is good to know Windows 7 has gone to RTM.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    That whole photo stream is amusing to look through (including Darth Vader on a motorcycle)…

  • Carte ds

    Funny enough, windows phone 7 is no improvements compared to iPhone.