Qwell Do Not Disturb Service for BlackBerry with Free Trial


Qwell is a Do Not Disturb service for BlackBerry that lets you silence calls while not missing the important ones. The service is initiated by pressing a single button, and you don’t need to create “Allow and Don’t Allow” lists that limit your connectivity to numbers that are predetermined.

When Qwell is enabled, Callers will hear that you are not taking calls at this time, unless it is an urgent matter. If the call is urgent, Qwell gives the caller the option to connect the call so you do not miss it! If the call is not urgent, they can leave a voicemail or simply hang-up without your phone ringing so you remain undisturbed. A Qwell call log keeps track of all call activity while you’re in “Qwell Mode” so that you can see Missed Calls and Voicemail at a glance.

Qwell Features:

  • A simple On/Off button to disconnect responsibly.
  • No need to manage your contacts or create lists.
  • Email delivery for voicemail.
  • Enjoy listening to your voicemail (in the order you choose) on your computer, iPad and of course your phone.
  • Qwell Call Log.
  • Return calls or SMS right from your Call Log.
  • Automatic email alert is sent with all attempted break-throughs.
  • You can see if someone is urgently trying to reach you even if your phone is lost, dead or stolen.

Qwell is available on a free trial and $3.99 monthly thereafter.

  • Zee

    Cool! Need to try it out.

  • BE

    I have had Qwell for a few days now. I love having it because I can relax and know that if someone really needs me they can get me. The other morning ADT was able to break through and let me know my bosses alarm was going off, all the while my grandma called me at 5 am and left a voicemail without waking me up. That alone it worth it!!

  • Bberrydad

    Downloaded this yesterday so I haven’t really had too much time to put it to the test, but so far I can say it’s been super simple / user friendly for what I needed. Menu’s are all slick ‘n sexy which is always a plus for me (yea, ima geek like that). And the setup was painless, which isn’t usually my experience with blackberrys. the first thing I tried was calling myself from another phone while i was in qwell mode and it worked pretty much as described.

    My final conclusion - looks promising, might post more if I run into anything.

  • DB

    Real cool app. I am pretty much married to my BB. I can totally just relax now when I am in a meeting or sleeping.

  • Kiana

    Priced right and very easy to use. Download was pretty simple as well. I get annoyed by calls all day long. I hope this solves that problem. So far so good.

  • Craftsman

    Downloaded Qwell yesterday and so far so good. It’s nice that you can turn it off and on as you desire. Also check out the vibrate mode so it doesnt anounce the caller. Makes it very stealth for those times when you are in the movies or in a meeting. I think this app will be useful to have.

  • Philg

    Really cool app. I’ve had it on my phone for 3 days now. Easy to use and works just as described on their website.

  • Stacymoon13

    Overall rate this app a 9 out of 10. I am a hardcore BB user and it definitely works. They offer a 14 day free trial and it is $3.99 per month following the trial. Pretty reasonable.

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