Rogers Releases Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520


It’s always nice to have an official OS on your device, especially if it means you can do an OTA update overnight and not worry about the hassle of plugging in your device. Rogers let us know that they’ve released OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520. This is the first official 5.0 release and it makes you wonder why these things take so long. The Curve 3G is already out and we’re expecting it to have BlackBerry 6. Looks like the smartphone world is moving too fast for everyone.

Grab OS for the Curve 8520 from

  • Big Ang

    You’re wondering why Rogers is so slow with updates? They only gave the Bold 9000 an update to OS 5 a few weeks ago.

    Now that they know that the Curve 3G will get OS 6, having OS 5 on the older Curve will not cannibalize sales from the newer Curve.

    Just remember, Rogers is the most arrogant of all the Canadian cellphone carriers, and those guys are a pretty arrogant bunch. Remember, this is the land of THREE year contracts and $600 Early Termination Fees.