GesturePad Lets You Draw Custom Gestures for your Touchscreen BlackBerry



GesturePad is a really cool app that lest you define custom gestures and assign them to tasks such as composing an email or SMS, calling a number, showing all of a person’s contact options, opening a website or launching an application. The gestures only work when you have the app launched, so it’s worth setting this app to a convenience key.

Other features of this app include:

  • Unlimited number of custom gestures can be added
  • Option to have a confirmation prompt after gesture
  • Option to have the application close once the gesture is recognized and the action is performed
  • Ability to modify or delete gestures after you have created them

GesturePad is available in the store for a very reasonable $0.99 at this link.

  • None

    After 18 months with a Storm 1, there’s really only one gesture I need for my Blackberry