Slacker Demos Upcoming On-Demand Features and Deeper Search at Pepcom 2010

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Slacker was at Pepcom 2010 demonstrating an upcoming update to the app/platform that is rolling out in October. The newest features to the app include On-Demand service, deeper search for artists, albums and genres, better integration with the Torch and BlackBerry 6 and more options for building and managing your stations/playlists.

Slacker has grown to a behemoth database of music that caters to a wide range of tastes. I like to test the app with obscure bands and remixes and as time progresses the database gets easier to search. For example, you used to not be able to find Chromeo remixes in Slacker, but now there’s a DJ whose job it is to hunt down these tracks and put them up. One such guy on the Slacker team is @partyben. Check him out in the Slacker forums. If you don’t like his stuff, you can always browse the forums, find admins who share similar music tastes, and maybe they’re on Twitter sharing their updates.

If RIM bought Viigo for its RSS and feed aggregation, what about RIM buying Slacker to compete in the music space? They are after all on a buying streak. More screenshots after the break.

We’ll have a deeper look at these features with a walkthrough coming soon.

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