TELUS BlackBerry Torch Now Available for Pre-Order


telus blackberry torch

TELUS is offering pre-orders of the BlackBerry Torch but it could be just for enterprise customers as the notice went out to business clients and the form connects you with a “solution specialist”. There are a lot of small businesses that are going to love the Torch, because it’s a great combination of fun and business. With the Torch, you get the easy navigation of the Storm, with the productivity and keyboard of the Bold. We’re expecting the TELUS Torch to launch on September 24th.

Head over to TELUS to pre-order the Torch.

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  • DR

    October 24th???

  • Kyle McInnes

    Oops. September 24th.

  • Princess Jld

    On the TELUS website they just have the torch as coming soon…
    Do you know why there is a delay on it?