Canadian BlackBerry Torch Launch Event in Toronto

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A week before the new OS 6-powered BlackBerry Torch officially launched in Canada, RIM organized a party for influential BlackBerry users in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The event, dubbed “the RIM event for influencers in Toronto” promised a free BlackBerry Torch for select members of the press, social media and Canadian celebrities.

The event opened at 8pm and was set in a lounge with a rooftop patio. Several LED-lit bars served free drinks as staff brought out and endless supply of tasty hors d’oeuvres. The masses of door staff at the front of the lounge made sure that only invitees attended the party while some staff photographers snapped photos in front of a fashionable backdrop of approved influencers before admitting them inside. A number of Canadian TV celebrities were in attendance like CBC interviewer George Stroumboulopoulos as well as entertainment host Ben Mulroney.

There were many other monitors devoted to displaying the tweets related to the event, as well as a table full of tethered and alarmed Torches. Social media socialite Amber Mac had a few screens devoted to her twitter interactions about the event. You could also BBM your song requests to the main floor DJs while the rooftop patio DJ played his set directly off of two BlackBerry Torches.

Like many of these types of events, the whole idea of trying to appear hip generally comes off a little contrived. Fortunately for the marketing team, the BlackBerry Torch with BlackBerry 6 can speak for itself. A bit of spectacle would have made attending this event something really worth gloating about.

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  • Esteban8p

    Canadian release date was supposed to be September 24 but no luck. It’s September 28 and the only place you can get it is online through Bell Mobility. There is one Future Shop location that had phones in stock but they weren’t allowed to sell them to the public. Mmmm smells like the CRTC has struck again. Thank you CRTC for continuing to ensure Canadian consumers get one tenth the service at twice the price.

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